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THZ Turbine Pan Mixers
TPZ Mixers
TDZ Twin-Shaft Mixers
THZ Turbine Pan Mixers PDF
THZ Specifiations
TEKA THZ Turbine Pan Mixers are for batching operations, and available in sizes ranging from 250–6,000 liters filling capacity, yielding output capacities from 0.2 to 6 cu. yds.
THZ 500
THZ 500

With 13 available sizes, concrete producers can choose the model that best suits their specific batching requirements.
THZ 3000
THZ 3000

THZ Mixer Advantages:

  • Intensive, efficient mixing and homogenization of batch materials in the shortest possible time
  • High output, at consistent product quality, even for the most diverse mix designs
  • Low mixer height design with high operational safety
  • Long life expectancy, with low investment and operational costs
  • Numerous available options and accessories allow customers to tailor the mixer layout to their specific production needs

THZ Mixer Design Features:

  • Low overall height
  • Easy access to areas inside of mixer
  • Multiple discharge gates are possible
  • Robust and space-saving drive system

THZ 250 –750
THZ Mixers have hydraulically operated Discharge Gates (up to four on THZ 250 –750, and up to three on THZ 1125G -6000).

Features include:

  • a manual pump to open gate(s) in case of plant power outage
  • short discharge times due to large gate opening
  • ability for partial opening only

hood of THZ Mixers

The design of the mixer hood of THZ Mixers offers:

  • large, hinged in the middle hood segment
  • ½ of mixer hood opens for easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • the fixed ½ of mixer hood provides a large area for all material inlets
  • a separate inspection window with protective mesh
  • safety switch to disable mixer motor if hood is opened

THZ Mixing Arm Design:

The spring-loaded mixing arms are mounted in the rotor housing, and allow adjustment to compensate for wear, provide shock absorption, and minimize wear between mixing paddles and floor wear plates.
A central lubrication system can be installed to effectively and efficiently lubricate the various mixing arm bushings.
Various angles-of-attack and geometry of the mixing arms and paddles maximize the mix- effect, reduce wear, and reduce concrete build-up. Depending on the application, mixing paddles, wall scrapers, and mixing arm wear guards are coated with various abrasion-resistant materials, such as tungsten-carbide.
THZ Mixing Arms are of a 2-piece design. This reduces the cost of replacement, as only the lower mixing arm is in contact with the batch materials.

THZ Mixer Options & Accessories:

Depending on batch plant design and building dimensions, customers can benefit from incorporating Skip Hoists to charge the mixer. TEKA offers tilting skip hoists, as well as the non-tilting, bottom discharge type. 

Standard inclination of the skip hoist track is 60°, but inclinations up to 90° are possible.

All TEKA mixers can be outfitted with a WALTER Automatic Water Wash-Out System.

3D Spray Nozzle  
Depending on the design of the mixer platform, an optional Discharge Gate Guard can be installed, to protect plant workers from the open/close movements of the discharge gate. As well, a Sample Gate for batch material can be installed.
Discharge Gate Guard
Sample Gate

THZ Wear Liner Options:

TEKA Mixers are protected by replaceable wear liners made of AR steel plates. Upon request, we will prepare them to accommodate moisture probes.

AR Steel Plates

For very abrasive batch materials or to extend wear life, TEKA mixers can be lined with Chill-Cast Tiles or Hard-faced steel wear plates that are coated with chromium carbide.

Chill—Cast Tiles
Hard—faced Steel Plates

THZ Mixing Paddles & Wall Scrapers:

Mixing Paddles and Wall Scrapers are available in various materials, allowing customers to choose the type that best suits their situation.


Steel Casting



THZ Mixers with Agitators:

TEKA THZ Mixers are also available with mechanically, or hydraulically driven Agitators. Depending on model size, mixers are either designed with single or double Agitators.